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Workers Sue Bank of America in Nationwide Class-Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit

June 7, 2010

California workers from Bank of America Corporation, along with other hourly workers from Florida, Texas, Washington, and Kansas, filed a nationwide class-action wage and hour lawsuit against the company on Friday, in federal court.

According to Reuters, Bank of America, one of the country's largest employers, is being accused of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as well as other state labor laws over the past three years, by requiring bank tellers and other hourly workers at retail branches and call centers to work overtime, without paying them for their hours worked over a 40 hour work week, and for all straight time worked.

Bank of America is also being accused of failing to provide legal meal and rest breaks, requiring workers to work through unpaid breaks and failing to compensate employees who have been terminated for wages earned and vacation time that had been earned.

CBS4 reports that workers were also given compensatory time off or told not to report more than 40 hours of work on their time cards. Employees claim that the bank even modified hours recorded by tellers, to eliminate overtime hours accrued.

This lawsuit consolidates twelve lawsuits that have been filed on behalf of employees in different states across the country, and seeks nationwide class-action status. The lawyer for the plaintiffs claims that this case could cover over 180,000 employees and could lead to "hundreds of millions" of dollars in recovery. The workers are seeking punitive and compensatory damages, other remedies, and are asking Bank of America to stop the alleged illegal conduct.

As of the end of March, Bank of America reportedly employed nearly around 280,000 people across the world, with nearly 6,000 U.S. branches.

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