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Workers Compensation Easily Explained

The legalities of workers compensation can easily become confusing and complicated, especially if you don’t have the help of a workers compensation lawyer Jurupa Valley, CA employees trust. You may be experiencing a great deal of pain and are not sure what to do now. If you have been injured or came down with an illness while working, you can rely on a workers compensation lawyer at Howard Law, P.C. for help. We can go into further detail about what exactly workers compensation is, and help you decide if you are receiving an adequate amount of benefits.

What to Do After an Injury or Illness

As a workers compensation lawyer Jurupa Valley, CA relies on would advise, report the incident immediately to the supervisor or manager on staff at the time of your injury. If treatment for your injury requires more than what the average first aid kit can offer, ask to see a doctor and file an incident report. You do have a right to receive medical treatment for an at-work injury. Whether you are able to see your personal doctor or are required to get an exam with a work assigned doctor, varies based on your state. If you have to see the work doctor first, simply ask if you can get a second opinion with your physician afterwards.

Types of Employee Benefits

The kind of benefits you receive for your injury or illness varies. There are four types of standard benefits you are entitled to, including:

  1. Medical Care = workers compensation benefits are designed to help cover medical costs for treating your condition.
  2. Disability Payments = if you must be away from work for recovery, you may be entitled to partial financial compensation for loss of wage.
  3. Vocational Rehabilitation = if you are not able to return to work and perform normal job duties because of the injury, your employer may pay for training required to help you obtain new employment.
  4. Permanent Disability Payments = if your condition resulted in a permanent impairment, you may be entitled to financial payments as compensation.
Employer Retaliation

As a workers compensation lawyer Jurupa Valley, CA needs, we recommend following up with your employer to confirm your application for workers compensation benefits was submitted and on time. In some cases, an employer may negligently mishandle your application as retaliation. An employer may even go as far as attempting to fire you, hinder promotional opportunities or try to discourage you from filing for benefits at all. If this applies to you, please reach out to a workers compensation lawyer Jurupa Valley, CA needs at Howard Law, P.C. for protection.

Keep Documents & Follow Restrictions

It is a good idea to keep an organized file containing copies of exams, receipts for medical care and any other relevant paperwork to your injuries. Your employer may pressure you to perform job duties before you are medically cleared by your doctor. It can help to have a copy of your work restriction handy, in case your employer needs a reminder of your limitations.

We are happy to schedule you a free initial appointment with a workers compensation lawyer at Howard Law, P.C. by calling today. Do not wait to get professional advice, let a workers compensation lawyer Jurupa Valley, CA needs from our team help protect your legal rights as an injured employee.