Suffering an Unfair Job Loss is Tough, our california employment attorneys can help.

Wildomar, California

A workers' compensation lawyer Wildomar, CA residents depend on understands that getting hurt in the workplace is a frightening experience. You are in pain and may be worried about your recovery. You may be experiencing stress about the idea of returning to work, or by continuing to work while you heal. You may be struggling financially to pay for your medical treatment or because you are missing work due to your injury. On top of it all, you may be struggling to file or see your workers’ compensation claim through to resolution.

The attorneys at Howard Law, P.C. have decades of combined legal experience handling workers’ compensation claims. They have seen how difficult it can be to suffer an injury on the job and are capable of supporting you through the workers’ compensation claim process.


When you have been injured on the job, we know how important it is to get your workers’ compensation benefits as soon as the process allows. This is especially true if your injury is keeping you from returning to work or working your regular hours, or if your medical bills are mounting. Howard Law, P.C can give your case the attention and care that is necessary to make the workers’ compensation claims process move forward as smoothly as possible.


Because of their significant experience with workers’ compensation claims, each workers' compensation lawyer Wildomar, CA locals trust from Howard Law, P.C understand the workers’ compensation law in California. This specialized knowledge is essential for helping clients comply with the state’s workers’ compensation claim process requirements.

For example, state law dictates the time within which you must notify your employer that you have been injured while at work and may lay out what kind of claim paperwork you and your employer must file with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Although it is not necessary to hire a workers' compensation lawyer in Wildomar, CA to file a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits, retaining counsel can relieve a heavy burden. The attorneys at Howard Law, P.C can help you understand your legal rights and can use their knowledge to help ensure that your employer and their insurer are giving you the benefits to which you are entitled.


Each workers' compensation lawyer Wildomar, CA clients recommend from Howard Law, P.C are prepared to advocate for their clients. Workers’ compensation claims, like other types of insurance claims, can be disputed or denied by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Just as your car insurer may deny your claim for damage to your vehicle under the terms of your policy, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may deny your claim for injury.

In an added layer of complication, your employer may also be able to dispute your claim. A Wildomar workers compensation lawyer may be able to advocate on your behalf to resolve any potential disputes, giving you time to focus on recovery.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer Wildomar, CA Workers Call at Your Service

An initial discussion of your claim may include an analysis of the facts of your case, a review of any pertinent medical records, and an analysis of the current status of the workers’ compensation claim you have filed. Reach out to a workers' compensation lawyer Wildomar, CA provides from Howard Law, P.C. today to schedule an initial discussion of your claim.