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Whitman Settles with Former Housekeeper--Pays $5,000 in Back Wages

November 23, 2010

The recent high profile wage and hour violation claims involving Meg Whitman and her former housekeeper have been settled, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Whitman, the former CEO of EBay, who was defeated earlier this month by Jerry Brown in the California gubernatorial elections, will pay Nicky Diaz Santillan $5,500 in back wages, after being accused by Diaz during the campaign of financial abuse while she was employed by Whitman for nine years.

As our Orange County employment attorneys reported in a previous blog, during the campaign, Diaz accused Whitman of mistreatment and California wage and hour violations while she was employed by Whitman and her husband from 2000 to 2009. Diaz also revealed that she is an illegal immigrant and accused the former EBay CEO of being aware of her immigration status the entire time, but firing her in 2009 when she approached Whitman for help--as she was a political liability.

High-profile attorney Gloria Allred represented Diaz, and made a public statement last week at the informal hearing before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in San Jose, advising Whitman to make the right choice to pay the former housekeeper back wages that were owed to her--especially after spending $145.1 million of her own money on her own campaign. The $5,500 wage and hour settlement was later announced.

When Diaz went public with her claims of California wage and hour violations last month, and for being fired after asking Whitman for immigration help, she reportedly became a symbol for immigrants' rights. The charges of financial abuse hit Whitman late in her campaign for governor, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, became a critical turning point in the billionaire's gubernatorial race against Jerry Brown.

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