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Whitman Dismisses Media Frenzy over EBay Employment Incident

July 6, 2010

In recent California employment law news, California Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman addressed a New York Times report claiming that while chief executive of EBay, she shoved an employee in a 2007 verbal dispute at the company's headquarters in San Jose, that resulted in an employment settlement.

According to the report, communications employee Young Mi Kim was assisting Whitman to prepare for a Reuters interview when the incident occurred. Whitman reportedly got angry, used expletives, and shoved Kim while they were preparing in a conference room. Kim sought legal representation and threatened Whitman with a lawsuit. The harassing employment incident was reportedly resolved by a private mediator, for a settlement amount that other former employees described as around $200,000.

In response to the article, Whitman described the incident as a verbal dispute, and claimed that these kinds of disputes are likely to happen in any work environment with high stakes and pressure. She dismissed the recent media frenzy surrounding the 2007 altercation as a "fascination of the chattering class" claiming that what voters really want to focus on is how to fix the State of California's economy, jobs, and public school system.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, this is not the first employment incident that has reemerged during the campaign from her corporate experiences. While working at FTD, Whitman was reportedly accused of age discrimination, an employment lawsuit that ended in another confidential settlement.

For her first run for office, as a California gubernatorial candidate, Whitman claims that her Ebay experience could prove to be a necessary tool to help her fix the deeply troubled finances of the state of California.

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