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A warrant is a court order allowing the government to take some kind of action against an individual. HOWARD LAW, PC defends clients against all types of warrants, but most commonly, we handle bench warrants. Bench warrants give the police authority to take you into custody because you didn’t appear for a court proceeding, failed to pay a fine or have been held in contempt of court for another reason. The name “bench warrant” comes from the fact that a judge issues the warrant “from the bench.”

Many people are unpleasantly surprised to learn that there is a bench warrant for their arrest. A bench warrant is typically issued outside of the target’s presence and without that person’s knowledge. In fact, sometimes bench warrants are issued because of problems the target could not predict. However, once it is issued, law enforcement can arrest the person as soon as they identify him or her. For many people, this happens after being stopped on the street for a minor offense. Instead of getting a ticket and moving on, they find themselves handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car.

A bench warrant arrest can be a nightmare. In most cases, law enforcement will throw the defendant in jail with people accused of more serious crimes. After being held overnight or longer, the defendant will go before a judge for a hearing to determine whether he or she should be allowed out on bail, and if so, how much bail should be required. If you call our Orange County bench warrant lawyers in time, we can represent you at this hearing and argue for little or no bail. When the underlying offense was not serious, we can often convince the court to require no bail at all. Then, we can begin clearing up the problem that led to the bench warrant in the first place, whether that means paying a fine or defending yourself at trial.

In bench warrant cases, the defendant’s California driver’s license may also have been suspended for the same underlying offense. This can lead to charges of driving without a license and further trouble with the DMV. Our Riverside County bench warrant attorneys can coordinate defense of these charges with defense against the warrant, the underlying offense and any criminal failure to appear charge. If you know about a bench warrant against you before an arrest, we can handle the matter without exposing you to an unexpected, embarrassing arrest. In some cases, we can even get old warrants dismissed. In fact, we can take care of some California bench warrants for out-of-state residents without requiring our clients to leave their homes.

Other Warrants

Howard Law also handles defense against arrest warrants and search warrants. In an arrest warrant case, a judge or grand jury typically authorizes an arrest when charges are filed. If there’s an arrest warrant against you, you may prefer to voluntarily turn yourself in rather than live with the knowledge that law enforcement is coming. If you hire our Los Angeles County warrant attorneys before an arrest, we can arrange a peaceful surrender and protect your rights during any interrogation.

A search warrant gives law enforcement the right to search a specific area of an object or property. However, it does not cancel your Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. That means search warrants must be reasonable and specific about what is to be searched. Our criminal defense law firm can challenge an unreasonable search warrant or defend you after the fact from officers who went beyond the search permitted by the warrant.

If you have a warrant against you, or someone you love has already been arrested on an outstanding warrant, there is no time to lose. To reach Howard Law for a consultation, send us an email through our site or call toll-free at 1-800-872-5925.