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Walgreens Sued in “Off the Clock” Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit

June 9, 2012

Walgreens, the pharmacy chain, has been sued recently in a California class action overtime lawsuit, for allegedly violating California labor laws by requiring pharmacy employees to endure security inspections that take place after-hours, without paying overtime wages.

According to the California wage and hour lawsuit, Walgreens has a loss prevention program in place, requiring all employees to end their shifts and clock out of the store's time keeping system, and then wait while a manager inspects their bags--often adding around 10 or more minutes to each employee's workday, with no compensation.

Earlier this year, the popular Los Angeles-based retail store Forever 21 was sued in a similar class action wage and hour lawsuit, after five former and current employees accused the apparel chain of illegal workplace practices. Forever 21 was accused of having a similar loss prevention policy, where workers were also required to clock out and then wait while store managers performed individual bag inspections to check for stolen items--time that the employees were not compensated for.

In another similar California class action wage and hour lawsuit that Vincent Howard recently discussed, around 6,700 Ralph Lauren Polo employees accused the high-end retail store of violating wage and hour laws by forcing them to stay after working hours to have their bags checked by store managers for loss prevention, without compensating them for their time. The employees were awarded a wage and hour settlement of $4 million in 2010.

As Vincent Howard discusses frequently in a Santa Ana employment lawyers blog, under California State and federal law, employers are required to compensate nonexempt employees with at least minimum wage for every hour worked, plus one and one-half their normal rates of payment for any overtime hours worked beyond eight hours in a day, and forty hours in a work week.

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Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Walgreens for Violating Wage and Hour Laws, SF Gate, June 6, 2012

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