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Wal-Mart Will Pay Up to $85 Million in Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

November 12, 2009

Our California Employment and Labor Lawyers recently read a report that Wal-mart, the largest retailer in the world, has agreed to settle a class action employment lawsuit and pay workers as much as $85 million. The settlement was approved last week and involves around 3.1 million hourly workers in 30 states--all suing for allegations of hour and wage claims violations.

Wal-mart workers alleged in the wage and hour lawsuit that the retail chain unlawfully prevented them from taking breaks, failed to compensate them overtime, and altered their time cards. This settlement covers over 30 federal court lawsuits brought by workers and combined for the judge.

U.S. District Judge Philip Pro approved the final settlement last week in Las Vegas, and awarded one-third of the recovery in fees to the worker's lawyers, which would be around $28 million depending on the total claims made.

Anyone who ever worked for Wal-mart was urged to fill out a claim form, and those who filed a long claim form are reported to possibly receive anywhere from $50 to 1,000 based on their length of employment and work experience answers.

Under the agreement, Pro stated that Wal-mart will strive to keep accurate records, to ensure that hourly employees are compensated for every hour of employment.

According to Bloomberg, in 2005, Wal-mart lost a $172 million California employment lawsuit verdict, that was based on meal break violations. The company announced that it settled the California lawsuit in September, agreeing to pay anywhere from $77 million and up to $152 million, depending on the amount of claims.

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