Suffering an Unfair Job Loss is Tough, our california employment attorneys can help.

Wage & Hour Class Action

As a California employee have you:

  • Experienced a withholding of wages or been wrongfully deprived of overtime pay?
  • Been forced to miss your meal periods and/or rest breaks?
  • Failed to receive proper and timely documentation of earned wages?
  • Been deprived of compensation for work-related expenses?
  • Failed to receive minimum wage requirements?

At Howard Law, PC, our experienced and client-focused attorneys fight for the rights of California employees to ensure a workplace that is free from unlawful violations of employment and labor laws. Our firm represents individuals and members of class action issues where employers have violated federal or state employment laws, such as unpaid overtime disputes, unpaid wages, missed rest periods and meal breaks, unlawful deductions from pay, failure to receive proper wage earning documentation or meet minimum wage requirements, and other employment violations.

Our knowledgeable labor and employment attorneys have a profound understanding of how the California Labor Code and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protect employees or groups of employees with class action issues.


In the state of California, all employers are required to abide by state and federal employment laws and pay most employees for overtime worked beyond the eight-hour workday, or forty-hour workweek. California employees are generally classified as either exempt employees or non-exempt employees. If you are not being paid for your overtime hours or feel your job has been misclassified as being exempt from overtime laws, your employer is most likely violating California law. Howard Law, PC can help define overtime laws and determine your rights to overtime pay in the workplace.

Meal and Rest Breaks

In California, most non-exempt employees who work for more than five hours are entitled to a thirty-minute lunch break that is unpaid, allowing the employee to have the freedom to leave the workplace and be waived of all job responsibility. California also requires that for every four hours of work, a ten-minute rest period must be available to the non-exempt employee. Many employers overlook these employment laws and are subsequently violating employee rights.

Class Action

Unfortunately, many employees are unaware of their state and federal employment rights and continue to be victimized in the workplace. If one employee has been subjected to unlawful violations in the workplace, there is often a strong possibility that other workers may have endured similar violations.

In class action employment issues, an individual employee can file a complaint against an employer on behalf of other employees who are not named in the lawsuit, but have suffered similar violations.

Howard Law, PC

As California Labor and Employment Attorneys, we specialize in all aspects of California and federal employment law issues and are dedicated to defending employees in class action lawsuits and protecting individual employees from the violations of wage and hour rights in the workplace.

At Howard Law, PC, our team of Southern California forward thinking labor and employment law attorneys and professionals will work together to fight vigorously for your employment rights and to find the best resolution and recovery for your employment and labor issue.