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Trust and Probate Litigation

Contesting a California Estate

  • A spouse of child left out of a will.
  • Outdated beneficiaries: Life insurance or retirement accounts left in the name of a previous spouse.
  • Conflicting Wills.
  • No Will.
  • Outdated trust assets or beneficiaries.
  • Refusal to pay life insurance proceeds.
  • Improper or excessive charitable gifts.
  • Inadequate mental competency.
  • Undue Influence
  • Witness to a Will who is a beneficiary.
  • Improperly executed or unsigned Wills
  • Missing Wills
  • Forged or invalid Wills

Estate matters can be complex. Family relationships can be complicated by rivalry, generational differences, blended families or family history. But when it comes to a courtroom argument involving a trust or estate, you have only one chance to prevail.

At Howard Law, our comprehensive approach to the practice of law includes not only a thriving estate planning and probate department, but departments dedicated to business litigation, personal injury, real estate and criminal law. Our Los Angeles estate lawyers understand the anger, frustration and fear that can come with a courtroom fight over an estate or trust. Our clients rely upon our experience and the legal and financial resources of each of our legal departments. And our attorneys are dedicated to using every resource at our disposal to fight for your rights and the legacy and financial well-being of you and your family.

There are many ways a person can be taken advantage of during the estate process. In addition to obvious instances of illegality, fraud or undue influence, there are many subtle ways to a rightful heir may be cheated, including property valuations, community and personal property decisions, hidden or unclaimed assets and coercion between several family members to make an under-the-table deal outside the courtroom.

The Los Angeles estate attorneys at Howard Law believe everyone should have access to high-quality legal advice when dealing with an estate settlement. Often, family members work together to resolve their differences. But when strained relationships impact fruitful negations, hiring an attorney can take the emotions out of the equation. By hiring a professional to represent you in a contested Will or trust matter, you can avoid the stress of battling against an unreasonable situation while helping to ensure the future financial well-being of your and your family.

In other cases, a family finds out too late that a third party exerted undue influence, as in cases of excessive charitable donations or named beneficiaries that used fraud or other disreputable tactics to gain favor with a deceased loved one. Such cases can even require criminal investigation and prosecution. At Howard Law, the investigators and other professionals available through our business litigation, personal injury and criminal law practices will assist us in fighting for the rights of you and your family.

Howard Law represents clients dealing with acontested Will, trust fund or other estate matter, throughout the Los Angeles area, including Anaheim, Riverside and Santa Ana.

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