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Toshiba Sued by HR Manager for $100M in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

February 9, 2011

Our Orange County labor and employment attorneys have been following the recent news announcement of a sex discrimination lawsuit filed against Toshiba American Inc., by senior human resources manager Elaine Cyphers, who claims that the technology company pays female employees lower salaries and bonuses than male employees who perform similar work for the company.

Cyphers claims in her lawsuit that although Toshiba created a "Gender Equality Office" six years ago, the company still engages in gender discrimination, as Toshiba has a significant lack of female employees holding leadership positions. According to Reuters, only 3.4 percent of the company's 6,273 managers around the world are women.

The complaint states that as human resources manager at Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp since June of 2008, Cyphers is the highest-ranking U.S. human resources employee at that Toshiba unit. Cyphers claims she had 25 years of experience in human resources before joining the company, and that while she made $90,000 to $91,800 annually from 2008-2010, male employees with similar positions at Toshiba were paid around $120,000 per year for the same job.

Toshiba is being accused of violating federal labor and employment laws by engaging in systemic discrimination based on gender by compensating female workers less than male employees with similar job duties, denying them job promotions that would lead to higher pay, keeping their employment opportunities limited to job classifications that are lower in pay and less desirable, and exposing them to different employment treatment based on their gender, in regard to salary, benefits, bonuses and promotions, where male employees reportedly receive preferential treatment.

Cyphers also claims that after filing the complaint, she was later subjected to retaliation. The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of all former and current female employees with the company within the United States, and has also been filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC). The lawsuit is seeking $100 million or more in monetary relief and other damages for Cyphers and female employees at Toshiba who experienced the same alleged sex discrimination.

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