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Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries on the Job

A workers' compensation lawyer Temecula, CA residents call understands that there are certain types of occupations that are more susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. At Howard Law, P.C., we have extensive experience advocating for injured workers and understand how frustrating and overwhelming repetitive stress injuries can be for both the injured worker and their family.

A Temecula workers compensation lawyer knows that in some situations, the injury can be so serious that the worker is unable to go back to the job they had prior to developing the injury or the injury heals but keeps coming back and increasing the damage done to the injury area.

With that in mind, clients are often seeking answers to how they can avoid repetitive stress injuries on the job.

What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries?

As a workers' compensation lawyer Temecula, CA workers trust can attest, repetitive stress injuries are one of the most common work-related injuries in this country, with more than 35 percent of missed-work, job-related injuries stemming from some type of repetitive motion. Any type of work that requires a person to repeatedly perform the same manual task over and over or requires the person to stand or sit for long periods of time puts the worker at risk of developing a repetitive stress injury.

All too often, because the injury develops slowly over time, the worker does not even realize they have an injury until the condition begins to cause serious and painful symptoms. At this point, a workers' compensation lawyer Temecula, CA clients recommend knows that the injury also tends to interfere with the worker’s ability to perform even the simplest of everyday tasks because of how painful these injuries can be.

Repetitive stress injuries can happen to anyone, but are frequently seen in occupations such as people who work with computers, construction workers, movers, assembly line/factory workers, mechanics, healthcare workers, cashiers, and restaurant workers.

Avoiding Injuries

A workers' compensation lawyer in Temecula, CA realizes that there are steps that workers can take to help decrease their risk of developing a repetitive stress injury. These steps include:

  • Taking frequent breaks and getting up and walking around: It is recommended that people take a five-minute break for every hour of work. During the break, they should stand up and stretch their muscles. This helps the joints to properly realign. Walking around for a few minutes will help get the blood moving, as well as provide a mental break. This has been proven to actually help people be more productive.
  • Practice safe lifting habits: If your job requires you to lift often or lift heavy object, you need to keep the correct form in order minimize your injury risk. Make sure to keep your weight close to your waist and as you are lifting, use your legs, not your back, as the primary lifting force.
  • Use ergonomically correct equipment and positions: Some of this equipment can include ergonomically correct keyboards for computers and desk chairs which are kept at the correct position with the desk. A balance ball may also be helpful.
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