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Stress Related Injuries

Working certainly isn’t a stress free activity but today’s work environments are becoming increasingly more stressful. Unfortunately, the negative effects of stress on the human body have been carefully documented but little is being done to lessen or eliminate the stress many of us feel at work. As a result, more individuals are suffering serious physical impairments as a result of the increasing stress they are exposed to at work.

When we are stressed, our bodies produce certain hormones to cope with the stressor. These hormones were originally designed to help us choose to fight a stressful situation (like an approaching lion) or run from that stressful situation. In today’s work environments we aren’t exposed to lions as physical threats but our bodies can’t tell the difference between a hungry lion and a yelling boss. As a result, those stress hormones are triggered every time we are exposed to a stressful situation at work. As they build up in our bodies they can cause illness or make existing illnesses worse.

Stress related physical injuries

At Howard Law our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can help you pursue a stress-related workers’ compensation claim if it has manifested with certain physical symptoms including:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue
Stress related metal injuries

In addition to causing physical injuries or illnesses, stress can also cause mental and psychological injuries. Our compassionate workers’ compensation attorneys can help you if you are experience stress related symptoms including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
Proving stress related workers’ compensation claims

Like any other workers’ compensation claim, stress related claims should be handled by a talented, experienced and creative workers’ compensation attorney. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney is particularly important in stress related claims because proving that work related stress caused an injury or illness can be difficult, despite the medical evidence out there supporting these claims.

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney

If you are looking for a workers’ compensation attorney to handle your stress related injury claim, you should ask any potential attorney you are considering hiring the following questions:

  1. What experience do you have handling workers’ compensation claims?
  2. Do you accept workers’ compensation claims on contingency? If so, what is your percentage of the recovery?
  3. How often should I expect to hear from you as my case progresses?

Any experienced workers’ compensation attorney should be able to answer these questions confidently. In fact, we’d love to share our answers to these questions with you. Give the workers’ compensation attorneys at Howard Law a call at (800) 872 – 5925 to experience the Howard Law difference.