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Steven Seagal Sued for Sexual Harassment--Lawsuit Suspends Reality Show Filming

April 16, 2010

In recent Los Angeles, California employment news, action movie star Steven Seagal is being sued by a former executive assistant for sexual harassment, and for allegedly using her as a "sex toy."

According to the reports, 23-year old model Kayden Nguyen filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging that while employed by Seagal she was sexually harassed, repeatedly fondled by him against her will, and given prescription drugs. She requested that the agency give her the right to sue for these employment violations, and her request was approved. She filed the civil lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Nguyen reportedly applied for the executive assistant position and was quickly hired in February 2010 and flown to Louisiana on Seagal's private jet where he is currently filming "Steven Seagal Lawman," a television show for A&E Network, which follows Seagal as he makes law enforcement runs. Nguyen claims that when she arrived at the home, she was shocked to find that her room did not have a door, only a curtain.

In the lawsuit Nguyen claims that instead of assisting Seagal with his business duties, she was treated like a "sex toy," and expected to work with two Russian women to allegedly assist action star's sexual needs on a 24 hr basis. She claims that she was told she would be replacing one of the women. Nguyen alleges that she was then sexually assaulted three times by Seagal over a period of six days, one of which was described as a "vicious sexual attack."

Nguyen claims to have narrowly escaped the sexual harassment and assault, by convincing Seagal to let her go to a family function, but Seagal is being accused of following her with a flashlight with a gun on it, which allegedly terrified Nguyen so much that she left all of her personal belongings at the house.

In response to the lawsuit, CBS reports that Nguyen received a letter from Seagal's attorney stating that she needed to be quiet about the lawsuit, as she had signed a confidentiality agreement with a reported $50,000 liability agreement attached when she accepted the job.

Steven Seagal, who is also current Reserve Deputy Chief of the Jefferson Parish Police Department in Louisiana, is currently suspended from filming the popular A&E program where Seagal acts as deputy sheriff, until the sexual harassment scandal has been resolved, as it would disrupt the police bureau.

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