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Southern California Seconds Scam Warning!

Recent reports of a company called Southern California Seconds have surfaced alleging that this company is engaging in fraudulent business practices because it preys on desperate homeowners in Southern California who are about to lose their home to foreclosure. The alleged business usually targets elderly households with old loans that have equity. It then finds an imaginary buyer to buy the home from the owners for a low-cost.

Southern California Seconds then moves the second mortgage into senior status, paying-off the existing loan. The imaginary buyer then defaults on the home and then carries out a foreclosure sale. Southern California Seconds then acquires the house, worth much more than it’s selling price, while the previous owners are left with little payoff.

WARNING: If you transferred your title to someone in an attempt to save your home from foreclosure then you may be the victim of a crime! Call the California Attorney General at 1.800.952.5225


DON'T sign ANY document without reading it. Scam artists will trick you into signing away your home by telling you that the documents are for a loan to pay off your mortgage. Fraudulent “foreclosure consultants” will also tell you that transferring the title to them will prevent foreclosure. WATCH OUT – these schemes could leave you homeless.

DON'T pay anyone promising to modify your loan without doing your homework.

DON’T trust anyone before checking their credentials!

DON'T pay your mortgage payments to someone other than your lender. Fraudulent foreclosure consultants often keep the money for themselves.

DON’T wait. Don’t wait for help to find you – you’ll have to go and get it.


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