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Social Security Appeals

Do not worry if your Social Security Disability claim was denied. In 2010, approximately 54% of Social Security Disability claims were denied. With the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, we at Howard Law can help you through the disability claims process and get you the benefits you deserve.

If your claim was denied, you will need to go through the appeals process. This is a complicated and lengthy process and with the help of the experienced Orange County Social Security Disability attorneys at Howard Law, we can ease your stress and fight for you at your disability hearing.

According to the Social Security Administration, below is a brief overview of the appeals process.

  • You send a signed request for appeal to the Social Security Administration.
  • It is reviewed to make sure the request is complete. The Social Security Administration will contact you if anything is missing or unclear.
  • You will be contacted to complete a disability report and to sign medical release forms. If you previously submitted the disability report, it is reviewed to make sure it is complete.
  • The Social Security Administration sends your case to the office that determines if you are disabled under Social Security law.
  • That office will request any new medical records that you have listed on your medical report.
  • That office will then review all of your medical records--both old and new.
  • If you have requested a face-to-face review, that office will make an appointment to meet with you.
  • The decision-making office will notify you in writing of their decision on your case.

There are different levels of appeal. These steps must be completed in order.

  1. Reconsideration*
  2. Administrative Law Judge Hearing
  3. Appeals Council Review
  4. Federal Court

*California does not typically require the reconsideration step. Usually the first step of the appeals process is the Administrative Law Judge Hearing

To request an appeal, you must notify the Social Security Administration, in writing, within 60 days of the date you receive your notice. Your notice should tell you how to appeal should you wish to do so. If you file an appeal within 10 days, your Social Security Income benefits may continue at the same amount until the Social Security Administration makes a determination on your appeal. The appeals process can be difficult and complicated. To ensure that your rights are protected, contact the San Bernardino social security disability benefits attorneys at Howard Law, PC today.