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Short Term Disability

Short term disability insurance is a private insurance that pays a percentage of your salary for a specified amount of time should you become sick or injured and are unable to work. Short term disability policies are generally offered through the employer and are often employer paid. Plans differ so it is important to review and understand the terms of your policy. Generally speaking however, short term disability plans cover a percentage of your weekly salary (about fifty to seventy percent) and cover a time period of somewhere between ten and twenty six weeks.

Short term disability benefits will not affect your ability to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, it is important to note that the Social Security Administration does not pay benefits for short term disability. You must meet the Social Security Administration definition of "disabled" which includes a disability that has lasted, or expected to last, 12 months.

If you do qualify for Social Security Disability and start receiving benefits, your short term disability carrier will likely offset what they pay with your Social Security Disability payment. Additionally, if you receive short term disability benefits and they are reported as earnings, the Social Security Administration will not use these earnings against you in determining whether you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Contact us today to learn how the social security disability benefits attorneys at Howard Law, PC can help you get the benefits you deserve.