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Sexual Harassment

In the State of California, sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of discrimination—an unwanted sexual advance or behavior that can lead to a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment can appear in a number of forms, such as:

  • Sexual propositions
  • Inappropriate touching and sexual assault
  • Sexual remarks, lewd gestures, or jokes based on sexual orientation
  • Promises of promotion for sexual favors.
  • Offensive exposure to pornography in the workplace
  • Indirect sexual conduct

As California Labor and Employment Attorneys, we are tirelessly dedicated to fighting against workplace sexual harassment and upholding federal and state employment laws. We defend employees and members of class action lawsuits who have been sexually harassed, as well as employers who have been wrongfully accused of sexual harassment. Under California law, there are two classifications for sexual harassment:

  • Quid pro quo
  • Hostile work environment

Quid pro quo, which can be translated from Latin to mean “something for something,” is a form of sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is promised something in return for something he or she gives up. In this workplace scenario, an employee may receive undesired workplace advances or be pressured into giving sexual favors with the promise of greater job security, opportunity, or employee benefits.

A hostile work environment can occur when an employer, colleague, or supervisor acts in an offensive and unwanted manner towards an employee, based on gender, which is severe or pervasive—creating abusive employment conditions.

Sexual harassment can be an emotionally draining and overwhelming ordeal, whether you are an employee faced with sexual harassment in the workplace, or an employer being accused of workplace harassment based on sex.

Our team of attorneys and professionals have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), as well as other powerful state and federal laws that pertain to sexual harassment. We support your legal rights as employees and employers to a productive workplace environment that is free from unlawful sexual harassment and misconduct.

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