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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Saga Continues for Action Star Seagal

April 23, 2010

In a recent blog our employment attorneys at Howard Law, PC discussed a recent $1 million employment lawsuit against action movie star Steven Seagal, for allegedly harassing and assaulting a former employee in a sexual way, as well as retaliation.

This week, two more former employees came forward claiming that they were also sexually harassed by Seagal, one of whom is Blair Robinson, the granddaughter of Ray Charles.

Robinson reportedly met Seagal in 2004 at her grandfather's funeral service. Seagal soon after hired Robinson to be his assistant, where she allegedly was told on the first day that is was required in her job description to give him massages. Robinson claimed that it quickly became clear that Seagal expected sexual favors as a part of her job responsibilities, an employment proposition Robinson was unwilling to accept.

According to TMZ, another woman also came forward claiming that Seagal made similar unwanted sexual advances toward her while she was employed by the film actor. She claimed that he touched her inappropriately by placing his hands on her breasts and down her pants. The former employee reportedly screamed and cried until Seagal released her.

Both former employees, who were hired to be Seagal's assistant, allegedly quit after enduring the sexual advances, and have reportedly provided sworn declarations to assist Kayden Nguyen in her sexual assault and harassment lawsuit against Seagal.

According to E! News, as of today, the lawsuit is on hold, as Seagal's lawyer contends that under Nguyen's employment contract that she signed with Seagal, any claims that she makes against her employer must be settled through an arbitrator and not in court.

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