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San Jacinto, California

A workers' compensation lawyer San Jacinto, CA residents trust understands that if you have been hurt on the job, you may be wondering what to do next. First things first, seek immediate medical care if you need it. Second, tell your employer about your injury because you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Your next step should be to contact a San Jacinto workers’ compensation lawyer.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

As a workers' compensation lawyer San Jacinto, CA families call can explain, workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that employers carry to pay for medical care and lost wages for their employees injured on the job. Most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation for their employees, but the exact requirements differ by state.

How Do You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Make sure that you tell your employer about your injury as soon as you are able. Depending on your state’s workers’ compensation law, you may be required to notify your employer within a certain time-frame of your injury. Other states may allow you a longer period before reporting your injury, but it is important to make it a top priority to make sure you receive the coverage you deserve.

After you notify your employer, just like filing any other insurance claim, you will need to follow the claims process outlined by the carrier providing the workers’ compensation insurance. Your employer should provide you the information you need to know the process, including providing you with any forms that you need to complete to make your workers’ compensation claim.

Typically, your employer will submit these forms and any other necessary information directly to the insurance company. Some states, however, require you to file your own, separate paperwork in addition to the information filed by your employer. Your workers' compensation lawyer San Jacinto, CA locals rely on can ensure that this process is done correctly.

To find out exactly what your state requires, contact your state’s workers’ compensation commission or boards, talk to your employer, and consider contacting a workers' compensation lawyer San Jacinto, CA workers depend on.

What Happens After You File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

After you and your employer submit the required paperwork for your workers’ compensation claim, your claim will be reviewed by the insurance carrier to determine whether you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Be aware that either your employer and the insurance company may dispute part of your claim.

What Benefits Can You Receive?

The type and amount of benefits that you receive depends on the insurance plan and the type of injury you suffered. If your claim is approved, you may receive reimbursement for your medical bills related to the injury. The insurance carrier will provide you with details about how to submit your medical bills for coverage. You may also be entitled to receive compensation for your time your injury caused you to miss work.

When Should You Consider Consulting a Workers' Compensation Lawyer San Jacinto, CA Clients Recommend?

It is not necessary to hire a workers' compensation lawyer in San Jacinto, CA to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, an attorney can help you navigate the potentially confusing claims process. The attorneys at Howard Law, P.C are qualified to explain your legal rights and walk you through the workers’ compensation claims process. Reach out to a workers' compensation lawyer San Jacinto, CA offers from Howard Law, P.C today to discuss your claim and learn about what we can do for you.