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A workers' compensation lawyer Riverside, CA workers trust understands that one of the most frustrating types of job-related injuries is an injury involving the lower back. Not only are these injuries painful and interfere with a person’s ability to work, but they can also interfere with a victim’s day-to-day life.

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Avoiding Lower Back Injury

A workers' compensation lawyer Riverside, CA residents recommend knows that lower back injury can affect many different types of workers. Whether you perform physical labor each day, such as movers or construction workers, standing in one place all day, like hairdressers or food servers, or you sit at a desk for eight hours per day, you could be susceptible to lower back pain and injury. Knowing what steps to take to protect your back could help minimize your risk of back problems.

Many back injuries are often caused by either lifting a heavy object or moving in the same motion over and over again, placing stress on the muscles and other soft tissues in the back. Posture and weight can also contribute to back problems.

One of the best ways to help keep your back safe from injury is to exercise your core muscles, which help provide support for the back. Even low-impact exercises like walking can help increase the blood flow to your spine, which in turn provides hydration and nutrients your lower back needs.

Having good posture will also help protect your back. When your posture is poor, this puts pressure on your spine and can cause painful issues with discs. If you sit all day, make sure to use an ergonomic chair and get up at least once every hour to walk around. Consider using a standup desk, which can greatly help with back issues. A workers' compensation lawyer Riverside, CA locals depend on knows that many employers have programs to assist workers in making sure their workstations are ergonomically correct.

If you have a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting, then knowing the correct way to lift can help you avoid back injury. Some workers think that bending at the knees is all they have to do, but it is critical to always keep your chest forward and bend your hips when you are getting ready to pick the object up. Lead with your hips, not your shoulders. By bending and using your hips, your knees will automatically bend. Never twist while lifting as this can cause extensive injury to the spine. Try to hold the object as close as possible to your body. The closer an object is to your center of gravity, the more control you have of it.

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