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Polo Ralph Lauren Employees Reach $4 Million Preliminary Settlement in California Off the Clock Lawsuit

June 1, 2010

In recent California wage and hour class action news, a federal judge has preliminarily approved a $4 million settlement that could bring an end a lawsuit between 6,700 California employees and Polo Ralph Lauren--where Polo Ralph Lauren is being accused of violating California wage and hour laws, and denying proper compensation to their employees.

In the class action wage and hour lawsuit, brought by the former Polo Ralph Lauren employees, the high-end retailer is accused of demanding that the employees stay after work for an off the clock bag check that could last around 15-30 minutes, with no compensation for their time--a violation of California labor law. In the suit, the employees accuse the store managers of locking the doors at the end of a work day and forcing each employee to endure a bag check, that according to the attorney for the class-action suit, might be appropriate for retail loss-prevention in the store, but only if employees are compensated for their time.

The retail company is also being accused of denying the employees legally mandated rest breaks for every four hours worked. According to the lead plaintiff in the case, Ann Otsuka, managers reportedly harassed employees who attempted to take their breaks, threatening them that taking a break would make them fall behind on their sales and commissions. The lawsuit also claims that Polo Ralph Lauren used fraud to deny the employees from overtime compensation, as well as deducting future commission earnings if they did not make the standard of minimum commission required by the company.

The final hearing to determine the approval of the $4 Million settlement is scheduled for August 2010.

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