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7 Common Mistakes of Workers Compensation Claims

Filing for injury benefits can be a complex process, which is why many rely on a workers compensation lawyer Palm Springs, CA victims trust from Howard Law, P.C. for assistance. We work hard to protect the rights of workers and our legal team takes great pride in being able to offer quality legal services. A Palm Springs, CA workers compensation lawyer from our firm can protect your rights.

Here are seven common mistakes made in workers compensation claims that you should try to avoid when applying for benefits.

#1 Not Reporting the Accident

When an employee is injured while on the job, he or she is responsible for reporting the incident to a supervisor as soon as possible. Many employees do not report their injury because they think it is minor. However, you must follow an employer’s policies when it comes to reporting the accident. A workers compensation lawyer Palm Springs, CA community members turn to might tell you that by not reporting a hazardous work environment, it could put other workers at risk too.

#2 Not Submitting a Claim in a Timely Manner

A workers compensation claim must be filed within a certain time frame after the injury occurs. There is a statute of limitations for injury claims and you must file before that time expires. Talk to a workers compensation lawyer Palm Springs, CA residents rely on from our firm to find out more.

#3 Not Mentioning All Symptoms

Your amount of benefits will depend on the severity and complexity of your symptoms. By minimizing the injury, it can prevent you from receiving the full treatment necessary in order to get better.

#4 Ignoring Doctor’s Orders

If you do not follow doctor’s orders, it may be viewed as you not taking your injury seriously and getting in the way of your own healing. There is always a chance your benefits can be cancelled if you are going against recommendations.

#5 Not Asking for a Second Opinion

In most cases, an employee has to see a work doctor that an employer directs him or her too. However, you can ask to see your own doctor for a second opinion.

#6 Going Back to Work Too Soon

In an effort to cut down costs of your medical treatment, your benefits may be pressured to end sooner than required. You may submit an appeal if your doctor disagrees with the work assigned doctor, on your ability to return to work right away.

#7 Not Hiring an Experienced Attorney

By hiring an attorney who is not knowledgeable in work injury cases, it can have a negative impact on your claim. Before choosing a seasoned workers compensation lawyer in Palm Springs, CA from our firm, you will have the best chance of a successful outcome.

When you hire a workers compensation lawyer Palm Springs, CA locals recommend from Howard Law, P.C., you will receive guidance throughout the injury claim process. Your employer’s insurance company wants to save money at all costs, so it can help to have a legal professional speak up on your behalf if your claim is not being treated with respect and care.

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