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Orange County Employee who Put Semen in Colleague's Water Bottle Starts Sentence

February 7, 2013

In a previous Fullerton, California labor and employment attorneys blog, Vincent Howard discussed the arrest of Michael Kevin Lallana, a former Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Company field director in Orange County, who was criminally charged for two misdemeanor counts--for allegedly ejaculating his semen into a female colleague's water bottle at work on two different occasions, and for assault in the workplace.

According to recent news reports that Vincent Howard has been following, Lallana was reportedly sentenced in April 2011 to 180 days in Orange County Jail for the employment crimes, with three years of probation, and will begin serving his sentence this week. Lallana was also ordered in August of 2011 to compensate the victim with $27,410.87 in restitution to cover income loss, along with other expenses like therapy.

In October of 2011, Lallana's misdemeanor conviction for battery was reportedly affirmed in Orange County Superior Court, and in December, his appeal was rejected in Santa Ana's Fourth District Court of Appeals. Lallana was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life, which his attorney is trying to overturn.

Lallana and the victim reportedly began working together in Newport Beach, at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. The victim claimed that in January 2010, she left a bottle of water at work on Friday and when she returned to work on Monday, she noticed an odd taste to the water after drinking it, that she thought might be semen.

Both Lallana and the victim were transferred to the company's Orange, California office in April of 2010, where the victim claimed that in April, she again tasted that odd taste in her water that she thought was semen. After contacting the Orange police, she was told that they could not begin an investigation based on the speculation of an employment crime, so she independently sent the water bottle to a laboratory to have it tested. When the test showed that there was semen in the water, Orange detectives reportedly started questioning the employees within the company. Lallana was linked to the crimes through a DNA match.

According to the Deputy District Attorney, the crime appeared to be committed for sexual gratification. Lallana's attorney claims that the act was not committed for sexual gratification, but that Lallana suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder.

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