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Orange County Employee's Semen Found in Female Colleague's Water Bottle, According to DA

September 10, 2010

In recent news, that our Orange County employment attorneys have been reading about, an employee of Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Company in Orange County, California was arrested and criminally charged last month for allegedly discharging his bodily fluids into a female co-worker's water bottle at work on two separate occasions, acts that could constitute assault according to prosecutors.

According to the Orange County Register, Michael Kevin Lallana, of Fullerton, California, is a former field director for Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Company in Orange County, California. Lallana reportedly met the female co-worker, identified as Jane Doe, in 2005, when both were working for company's Newport Beach branch.

Prosecutors allege that on January 14th, Lallana entered the woman's office when she was not present and ejaculated into her water bottle. After returning to her office, the woman reportedly drank from the bottle, and later became sick. She then threw the bottle away.

Jane Doe and Lallana, along with other co-workers, were then reportedly transferred to the Orange branch of the company three months later, where the crime was committed again. On April 9th, Lallana allegedly entered Doe's office and again ejaculated into the water bottle sitting on her desk. Doe later drank from the water bottle and again felt sick. But this time, Doe reportedly sent the water bottle to a private lab for testing. The lab reported that the water contained semen.

Doe reportedly contacted the police in Orange, and after Lallana willingly gave a DNA sample, they were able to link him to the crimes through a DNA match. Bobby Taghavi, Deputy District Attorney, claimed that although it seems that Doe and Lallana were just colleagues, it appears that he committed the employment crimes for "sexual gratification."

Lallana was arrested outside of his home and was charged with two misdemeanor counts: one for releasing offensive bodily fluids or material in a public place, and one for assault in the workplace. If he is convicted for the alleged crimes, he could go to jail for a minimum of three months or a maximum of three years, with sex-offender registration that would be mandatory.

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