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The Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Howard Law, P.C.

Getting hurt at work can be a devastating experience, as a workers compensation lawyer Norco, CA trusts can attest. Not only have you suffered a potentially painful injury, but you may be unable to work and be receiving mounting medical bills. You may have concerns about whether you will be able to make ends meet while you recover. On top of all this, you are tasked with making a workers’ compensation claim. The attorneys at Howard Law, P.C. may be able to help you. With many years experience helping people in the Norco, CA area file workers’ compensation claims and receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Did you know that workers’ compensation is a type of insurance? It is. It is insurance that your employer is most likely required by law to carry on its employees. That means when you are hurt at work, the amount of workers’ compensation benefits you receive depends on an insurance claims process. It is not surprise to anyone that insurance companies are not often in your corner. They are trying to resolve you claim for the least amount possible. Working with an attorney, like a workers compensation lawyer Norco, CA employees turn to, and knowing your rights under California workers’ compensation law can help you get the compensation you deserve when you file a workers’ compensation claim.

Did you know that most employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance? As we mentioned above, most employers are required offer their employees workers’ compensation. To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, however, you must notify your employer of your workplace injury as soon as you are able. Your employer should help you start the workers’ compensation claims process by filling out forms to submit to their insurance carrier. Remember that your employer may not be in your corner, either. If they submit frequent workers’ compensation claims to their insurance company, their premiums could increase. If you are concerned that your employer may be not be giving you all of the information that you need or trying to dissuade you from making a claim, consider talking to a workers compensation lawyer Norco, CA relies on who can be your advocate through the claims process.

If you have been hurt at work and are wondering what to do next, here are a few quick tips:

  • First things first, get the medical treatment that you need right away.
  • Next, as soon as you are able, notify your employer about your injury. This is important even if you believe your injury is minor and you did not seek medical treatment. This is also important even if you think your employer already knows about your injury.
  • Consider calling a workers compensation lawyer Norco, CA can count on of Howard Law, P.C. at 800-872-5925 to set up a time to discuss your claim, preferably before you talk to your employer’s insurance company. During an initial conversation with Howard Law, P.C. we will discuss where you are in the claims filing process, the circumstances and facts surrounding your claim, and may also review some of your medical records to determine the best strategy for you.

An experienced and competent workers compensation lawyer Norco, CA employees need at Howard Law, P.C. is there to help people just like you get back on their feet. Call today to see what they can do for you.