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Non-Profit Corporations

California Non-Profit Formation
  • Public or charitable purpose
  • Exempt from corporate taxation
  • No members may financially benefit
  • Oversight by the California Attorney General
  • Most board members may not be compensated; nor may a relative


  • Tax exempt
  • Contributions are tax deductible
  • Increased grant eligibility
  • Limited liability
  • Long-term legal existence


  • Compliance and Paperwork
  • Cost of Formation
  • Limits of Operation

Forming a non-profit corporation offers outstanding tax benefits for charitable organizations and not-for-profit business entities. However, challenges associated with the improper formation or administration of a non-profit corporation can have severe legal, financial and tax consequences.

The Los Angeles business law firm of Howard Law assists clients with the formation and administration of non-profit corporations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, including Santa Ana, Riverside and Anaheim.

The proper formation of a California non-profit corporation is a complex legal process that requires an extensive legal description of the entity and its purpose; identification of the officers charged with the non-profit's operation; formation of bylaws that will govern the corporation; citation of the qualifying legal and tax provisions; compliance with state and federal law as well as Robert's Rules of Order which will govern board meetings and procedures; and a detailed outline of any membership structure.

Additionally, proper corporate formation is required and tax and other reporting requirements must be closely followed. A Statement of Information must be filed with the Secretary of State and a federal Employee Identification and a California employer account number are required for organizations that will hire employees.

At Howard Law, we take pride in our work on behalf of our non-profit clients, many of whom are working hard to improve our community. We understand that finances are frequently an issue and that legal fees are often a concern. But we also understand the complications that can arise from the improper formation or administration of a California non-profit.

Our Los Angeles non-profit legal department will work with you to help ensure your organization is properly formed and remains in legal compliance so that you can dedicate your time and resources to fulfilling your mission's goals and objectives. Call today for a confidential appointment to discuss your non-profit's legal needs.

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