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February 14, 2011
Morgan Drexen Financial Experts Ask is Borrowing Against Your 401K Good Advice

January 17, 2011
Can Debt Resolution Positively Impact Credit Scores?

November 1, 2010
High Unemployment Rates Lead Consumers Searching For Debt Resolution Morgan Drexen Supports Attorneys In Reducing Debt

September 8, 2010
Consumer Protection is Up as are the Borrowing Rates -- Attorneys across the Nation are Continuing the Fight in Reducing Debt

September 17, 2010
Till Debt Do Us Part; Morgan Drexen Asks Does Divorce Have To Be Costly

December 13, 2010
As Many Americans Face Rising Debt they Are Tapping in Their 401(K), Morgan Drexen Say This Should be A Last Resort

October 12, 2010
Soldiers Return from Fighting the War for their Country to Fighting their War Against Debt

August 26, 2010
Lights, Camera, Save, Financial Education is the Key to Avoid Rising Debt

Vincent Howard Featured in CNET News October 22, 2010 Discussing Debt Collectors Anti-Piracy Fight
A group calling itself the Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG), which according to its Web site specializes in media rights enforcement, appears to advocate the use of debt collectors even before the courts have rendered a judgment against accused copyright violators.

Damian Nassiri Featured in LA Times October 26, 2010 - Lawsuits accuse lenders of sabotaging mortgage modifications
Financially strapped homeowners struggling to obtain mortgage modifications are taking their frustrations to court, accusing banks and loan servicers of misleading them or breaking promises to help them hold on to their homes.

Attorney Vincent Howard Featured in National Law Journal
In an interview with the National Law Journal, Vincent Howard discusses the flurry of lawsuits in California over medical marijuana ordinances. Medical marijuana dispensaries have filed suit against California cities challenging these ordinances that threaten the existence of medical marijuana businesses. Mr. Howard who represents at least 10 dispensaries in Los Angeles, expects more suits to be filed, “Although it’s been a taboo subject for a long time, it’s still a legal business.”

Attorney Naveen Madala Quoted in National Law Journal
In an interview with the National Law Journal, HOWARD LAW attorney Naveen Madala discusses the continuing battle of two Lake Forest City medical marijuana dispensaries to keep their doors open. On July 6, 2010 a California appellate court granted a temporary stay allowing the stores to remain open, even though a newly enacted municipal code has forced several others to close their doors. A second ruling on a similar case should be decided on July 19. "This puts us in a holding pattern until that decision comes out," said Madala. The appellate court's decision blocks a May 28 injunction issued by an Orange County Superior Court judge, who ruled that both dispensaries violated the Lake Forest municipal code, which prohibits land uses or businesses that violate state or federal law. Although state law allows dispensaries to operate, marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Medical Marijuana DUI article by Vincent Howard published in OC Lawyer Magazine September 2010


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Appellate Court Grants Temporary Stay Barring Closure of Lake Forest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

OC Register July 2, 2010 Appeals Court Issues Stay In Lake Forest Medical Marijuana Case

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