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When Your Employer is Not Cooperating with a Workers Compensation Claim

A workers compensation lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents turn to from Howard Law, P.C. can help protect your rights if you sustained a serious injury while on the job. Maybe it happened at a construction site, or you suffered a slip and fall accident due to liquid being left on the floor of your office by someone else. Whatever the scenario, if your employer has mishandled or denied your claim, a Newport Beach workers compensation lawyer can protect your best interests.

Employers sometimes make unlawful decisions when it comes to the health of their employees. If this is true in your case, you may benefit from the help of a workers compensation lawyer in Newport Beach, CA from Howard Law, P.C. We can help you decide if taking legal action against your employer is the right thing to do. Below are several things you should know about your legal options and how you can respond when an employer is being uncooperative. Do not hesitate to contact a workers compensation lawyer Newport Beach, CA victims count on from our firm. Your first visit will be free.

Frequent Issues of Workers Compensation Claims

There are common issues you may experience when dealing with a workers compensation claim.

  • Your employer may deny your injury claim with the excuse that yours is not a real injury.
  • Employers may intentionally mismanage their employee’s injury claims to avoid having to pay higher insurance premiums.
  • Errors when an employer processes an injury claim can make it difficult if not impossible for an employee to receive prompt medical treatment.
How to Fight Back

With the assistance of a workers compensation lawyer Newport Beach, CA locals rely on from Howard Law, P.C., you can hold your employer accountable for negligent actions when handling your injury claim. Otherwise, you can choose to seek legal action with the help of an attorney. If there is any doubt that your claim will be accepted and that you will receive benefits in a timely manner, contact a workers compensation lawyer Newport Beach, CA community members trust.

When an Employer Denies Your Claim

You may have legal options if your employer denies your claim. Among them, you can submit an appeal of your denied claim. In most cases, there is a strict timeline in which you must take action. The appeal process may require the knowledge of an experienced workers compensation attorney at Howard Law, P.C. who can walk you through the legal proceedings.

To find out more information about your rights as an employee, and what to do if your employer has mishandled your claim in some way, call us today at 800-872-5925 to schedule an appointment with our law firm. A workers compensation attorney at Howard Law, P.C. can evaluate your injury claim and help you decide what actions you can take. Your first consultation with a workers compensation lawyer Newport Beach, CA offers from our firm is free, so call us without delay at 800-872-5925.