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National Mortgage Settlement

U.S. Government and Attorneys General reach breakthrough settlement with banks

Approximately $25 billion in assistance for homeowners, the State of California, and the national government.

After intense negotiations, the California attorney general and 48 other state attorneys general in conjunction with the U.S. Government have come to an accord with the country’s five largest lenders:

National Mortgage Settlement
  • Ally/GMAC
  • Bank of America
  • Citi
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo

This settlement will offer approximately $25 billion in assistance to distraught homeowners and paid out to the government and to the states, making it the largest settlement involving several states in more than a decade.

The resolution addresses investigations determining that the nations leading loan servicers had regularly signed foreclosure documents in absence of a notary and without verifying the accuracy of the contained facts; practices which are both legal violations. The settlement benefits homeowners whose loans are owned and serviced by banks involved in the settlement.

What you should do:
  • About the Settlement: Educate yourself about the agreement, who it affects, and what you can do for your specific situation. Visit the state Attorney General’s website to learn more.
  • Help for Borrowers: For California residents, please call Howard Law, P.C. for help understanding the settlement or if you need to enforce your rights under this settlement.
  • News: Read the news to learn more about state-specific updates and changes.

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California residence, please call Howard Law, P.C. at 800.872.5925 if you need help understanding the settlement or if you need to enforce your rights under the settlement.