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5 Steps to Take When Injured on the Job

A workers compensation lawyer Murrieta, CA community members trust can tell you that workers compensation benefits are intended for employees who are injured while at work. If this describes you, consult a workers compensation lawyer in Murrieta, CA from Howard Law, P.C. We can determine if your claim is being handled properly or if your rights are being violated. Our attorneys are well aware of how people get taken advantage of when they do not understand their rights.

Here are five steps you can take in the event of a work injury, to help make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

#1 Always Report the Incident

It is important that you report the injury immediately after the accident. Do not wait to see if it will get better on its own. You may only have a certain period of time to submit a workers compensation claim, and if you wait too long it may look suspicious to your employer. A workers compensation lawyer Murrieta, CA victims turn to for assistance might encourage you to document when you reported the injury in case there are questions later.

#2 Ask to See a Doctor

After the injury happens, ask to see a medical professional. You will likely have to see a doctor who your employer directs you to, but you may have the option of getting a second opinion with your primary doctor later on.

#3 Inform Doctor of Work-Related Injury

When you are completing paperwork in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, make sure to let them know this is an injury that happened while on the job. When you hire a workers compensation lawyer Murrieta, CA residents choose, he or she may need copies of any receipts related to your injury.

#4 Ask for Copy of Medical Evaluation

Ask for copies of your medical health evaluation performed by the doctor. This is so you keep a copy, your employer gets one, and you have a backup copy for your attorney. Confirm all of the symptoms and injuries you told the doctor about are listed on the evaluation document. Any injuries that are not officially documented may not be covered if you need additional treatments in the future.

#5 Hire an Experienced Attorney

Hire an attorney who has experience with workers compensation injury claims. Having a legal professional who can guide you through the process may prevent mistakes that could lead to a denial of benefit coverage. During this time, your company insurance carrier might try to minimize your injuries in an effort to save money. A workers compensation lawyer Murrieta, CA locals rely on from Howard Law, P.C. has your best of intentions in mind, and puts your health first.

Do not hesitate to find Murrieta, CA workers compensation lawyer who is right for you, as you may only have a certain period of time to file an injury claim. Call us today at 800-872-5925, to schedule a free case evaluation by a workers compensation lawyer Murrieta, CA offers from Howard Law, P.C.