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Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

There are number of injuries that a person can receive from on the job accidents, as a workers compensation lawyer San Juan Capistrano, CA trusts can attest. It can be upsetting to receive a work related injury that requires you to jump through a number of hoops in order to obtain workers compensation. It is likely that you are reliant on the income you receive from your job to financially support you and your family. An injury that puts you out of work will likely impact your ability to draw the same income as you did before. This could have a significant influence over your quality of life.

Contacting a workers compensation lawyer San Juan Capistrano, CA turns to sooner rather than later will be vital in determining the proper steps you should take. This is especially true if you suffer from an injury that impacts your ability to return to work, your claim has been denied, you are severely injured or your employer has disputed your claim for workers’ compensation. Attorneys at Howard Law, P.C., have many years of experience in representing people who have been injured while working. We are determined to help you figure out the complexities that come along with your specific situation. We want to help you get back on your feet so that you can go back to living your life.

Common Work Related Injuries

An injury at work will require that you take the proper measures towards protecting your rights and obtaining compensation for your injury. In such situations, you may benefit from the services of a workers compensation lawyer San Juan Capistrano, CA needs, especially if you experience complications. The following are some of the more common injuries that result in workers’ compensation:

  • Slip and Falls are not only a common injury related to workers’ compensation; they are also one of the most common types of personal injuries.
  • Machinery accidents in jobs that require their use such as: construction workers and manufacturing jobs.
  • Violence at Work in some positions, people may be exposed to violence and even attacked while at work. There are a number of positions where this could occur including: child protection social workers, mental health workers, police officers, health care professionals and people who are home visitors or work late hours.
  • Car Accidents for people who hold jobs that require they travel frequently. If a person is on their way to do something job related and are in a car accident, they are covered under workers’ comp.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries that may include jobs where the same action must be repeating again and again. Typing, working in a factory, and lifting heavy objects could injure a person.

Unfortunately, not everyone can receive workers’ compensation. There are a number of situations that do not allow for this benefit. The following are injuries that may occur from work but are likely to not qualify for workers’ compensation:

  • Injuries that are mild in nature and do not require the treatment of a medical profession.
  • If you are in an accident while not performing your job duties, such as travelling to and from work, or a personal errand during the daytime. If this were to occur, you are not considered on “official business” and are not eligible for workers’ compensation.

Knowing what you may qualify for can be complicated and overwhelming for a person who is not experience in workers’ compensation. By working with a top workers compensation lawyer San Juan Capistrano, CA offers, like Howard Law, P.C. you are opening your world to opportunity. Allow for us to discuss with you the details of your case so that we can guide you around the swiftest possible solution.

By choosing Howard Law, P.C. to represent you should you take legal action, you are setting yourself up in the best way possible. Don’t let your rights get lost in the shuffle. We are here to keep you at the forefront throughout the entire workers’ compensation process. Do not delay in giving us a call so that we can schedule your first consultation with us. Your first meeting with a workers compensation lawyer San Juan Capistrano, CA relies on is complimentary and comes at no risk to you.