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Mass Torts / Products Liability

You may have read or heard about prescription drugs and other defective products harming consumers nationwide in a relatively short period of time before the FDA or the company responsible for the defective product withdraws the defective merchandise from the market or recalls it. Prescription drugs needlessly kill thousands of people each year because large companies put profits before people by rushing new drugs and medical devices onto the market and by ignoring safe practices. These companies also fail to conduct adequate testing which could have revealed the dangers of their products prior to marketing them, thus saving thousands of lives annually.

Often times, these dangerous products have harmed hundreds or even thousands of victims nationwide before anyone can stop the production of these harmful products. Because these companies produce and disseminate a product that is national in scope, there may possibly be hundreds or even thousands of potential claimants. Because of this potential large number of claimants, any pending litigation will likely be nationwide in scope.

Howard Law, is here to help you navigate through this legal labyrinth. Our attorneys have represented clients from all over the United States in several complex litigations and in several mass torts. We work hard with other experienced counsel to get you the result you deserve. In addition, our team of attorneys work hard to ensure that large companies stop their harmful practices and to protect consumers.

If you or someone you know have suffered adverse side effects from prescription drugs or other defective products, please contact Howard Law, for a free consultation. You may be entitled to monetary compensation.