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Loss of Vision

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When a worker is hurt on the job, they are usually entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Typically, such benefits are less than the amount that an employee might have received in a negligence lawsuit against a non-employer defendant for the same injury, but the trade-off is that workers’ compensation cases are less likely to be contested and protracted than negligence actions – at least in theory. Still, there are many issues to be negotiated in a workers’ compensation case, including the total amount of money in a claim for an injury such as a loss of vision. The Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers at Howard Law, P.C., regularly represent injured workers in claims seeking maximum benefits for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Once a workers’ compensation claimant proves that they suffered a legally compensable injury in the course and scope of their employment, there are several types of benefits to which the claimant may be entitled: medical benefits, temporary total disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, and vocational retraining.

Benefits for Loss of Vision

Temporary disability benefits are triggered when a worker is unable to perform their usual duties at work in the days or weeks immediately following an injury or illness. These benefits are paid for a relatively short time and end when the worker returns to work or reaches a point of maximum medical improvement. Usually, a worker must be off work for at least three days to qualify for these benefits.

With regard to permanent disability benefits, which are payable after the worker’s condition has become permanent and stationary, the California Department of Labor has adopted a Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities, which incorporates many of the protocols and procedures set forth in the American Medical Association’s Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition (often known as the “AMA Guides”). The guidelines are used by physicians and others in the workers’ compensation system to determine a worker’s physical impairment level. The amount payable to the injured worker takes into consideration not only the AMA Guides determination but also the worker’s age, training, wage level, and other factors.

In a vision loss case, the amount that the worker will ultimately receive will depend on whether only one eye or both eyes were affected by the work-related accident or illness, whether the loss of vision was total or partial, what the employee did for a living, whether they have transferable skills for other work, what was their age at the time of the injury, and how much money they made at the time. In other words, two employees with a similar injury may receive very different levels of compensation, due to the other factors that are considered in establishing permanent total disability or permanent partial disability benefits.

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