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Los Angeles Guardianship Attorneys

Few legal cases carry the moral weight and obligation of establishing the legal guardianship of a child. Child guardianship matters can involve establishing a contingency plan for guardianship in the event of your death, voluntarily assuming guardianship of a child from an unsafe living environment, or fighting for guardianship to protect a child's safety and welfare.

The Los Angeles guardianship lawyers at Howard Law have the backing of our entire firm, including thriving legal departments focused on estate planning, personal injury law and criminal law. We believe anyone concerned about the welfare of a child deserves high-quality, high-powered legal representation and we utilize all of the medical, legal, financial and investigative resources at our disposal to fight for the welfare of children throughout the Los Angeles area, including Santa Ana, Riverside and Anaheim.

Estate Planning

If you do not nominate a guardian to care for your children in the event of your death, the court will decide without input from you. And, while a court is often predisposed to granting your wishes, a judge is not obligated to appoint the guardian of your choosing.

Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney to assist with drafting a comprehensive plan for guardianship is crucial to the well-being of your children in the event of your death. As difficult as it may be to plan for such an eventuality, failing to make such arrangements will leave the decision up to a judge and may result in guardianship being awarded to someone you would have never chosen to care for your children.

With proper planning, you may select a guardian of your choosing, including family members or even close friends. Economic status, whether a person has children of their own, and a potential guardian's age may all play a roll in your decision. In addition to naming a permanent guardian, you may also consider the issue of temporary guardians, or who you would want caring for your children in the even you become temporarily unable to do so.

Creating a comprehensive guardianship plan with the help of an experienced California probate attorney can go a long way toward ensuring that your children are cared for in the manner of your choosing.

Uncontested Guardianship

In cases where a parent or legal guardian realizes that he or she can no longer properly care for a child -- or in cases where the tragic death of a parent or guardian has placed the child in the care of a loved one or trusted family friend - the guardianship attorneys at Howard Law will place all of the legal and financial resources at our firm's disposal to expedite your guardianship case. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and understanding necessary to properly prepare your case and present to the court why your guardianship is in the best interests of the child.

We understand the emotions and the financial and legal obligations that come with assuming the responsibility for the welfare of a child. Hiring an experienced law firm should make the legal process as painless as possible, not cause confusion or disruption as you seek to incorporate the needs of a child into your household.

Contested Guardianship

Sometimes the welfare of a child forces a concerned party to seek guardianship against the will of a custodial parent. Few cases can be more emotional or contentious than contests guardianship ... and few can be more central to the welfare of a child. At Howard Law, our clients are backed by all the resources at our disposal, including thriving personal injury and criminal law departments.

By utilizing all available resources across our comprehensive law practice, we back a fight for contested guardianship with the legal and medical knowledge and resources that are often critical to successfully mounting a fight for the guardianship and welfare of a child.

At Howard Law, our Los Angeles probate attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist you with seeking guardianship of a child or creating a guardianship plan as part of your estate. Contact us today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your case.

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