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Los Angeles Clippers Cleared in Wrongful Termination and Age Discrimination Lawsuit

April 4, 2011

In a recent Santa Ana employment lawyer blog, our attorneys discussed the high-profile age discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Los Angeles Clippers former Manager, Elgin Baylor, who was an executive for the NBA team for 22 years.

Last week, Baylor's wrongful termination lawsuit was rejected unanimously by a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury, after Baylor accused the Clippers organization of age and race discrimination, as well as humiliation, after receiving a letter in 2008 asking him to retire and become a consultant.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the jury, comprised of five women and seven men, voted unanimously against Baylor's allegations that the President Andy Roeser and Clippers owner Donald Sterling provided a hostile work environment.

In the lawsuit, Baylor accused Sterling and Roeser of age discrimination, and as longtime head of player personnel and as Clippers executive vice president and general manager, he sought nearly $2 million in mental distress and economic damages in the wrongful termination and age discrimination lawsuit.

In the closing statements last Monday, Clippers attorney Robert Platt reportedly ridiculed Baylor's claim and urged the jury to deprive him of any financial payoff. Platt told the jury that this case was not about age or race discrimination, it was about quitting a job and suing to get more money than he could get from Sterling.

Baylor's attorney Alvin J. Pittman claimed he was considering an appeal.

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