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Los Angeles Attorney Confirmed as First Female Chinese-American Judge on Federal Bench

December 30, 2009

As Southern California Employment and Labor Lawyers, we have been following the news announced last week that Dolly Gee, an attorney in Los Angeles, California is on her way to becoming the first Chinese-American female U.S. District Court Judge.

Gee was nominated by President Barack Obama, and her nomination was confirmed by the Senate on Christmas Eve of last week.

After receiving her law degree from UCLA in 1984, Dolly Gee has specialized in employment and labor law. President Clinton appointed Gee in 1994 to serve as an arbitrator and mediator in disputes between labor unions and federal agencies. According to the Los Angeles Times, Gee was nominated for the federal bench in 1999, but Clinton's term ended without a confirmation for her in the Senate.

Senator Barbara Boxer, (D-California) claimed that Gee personifies the American Dream. She has used her position and her career as an influential Los Angeles employment and labor attorney to promote racial tolerance in the workplace, and to fight against discrimination.

Gee's grandfather left China in the 1930's and landed in Brooklyn, New York to set up a soy sauce and pickled cabbage factory. Jim Gee, Dolly's father, a World War II veteran, had a career as an aerospace engineer in Southern California, while her mother was a garment worker. Gee's mother allegedly never taught her how to sew because she wanted her daughter to have a different kind of education and career--and not have to sew for a living.

Gee joins three other Asian-Americans who have been nominated to the federal bench by President Obama--Jacqeuline Nguyen, Edward M. Chen and Denny Chin.

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