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Long Term Disability

Long term disability insurance is a private insurance policy that you purchase to protect yourself and your family should you become disabled for a long period of time. Long term disability policies are usually offered though your employer. If your employer does not offer disability insurance, a plan can be purchased through an insurance broker. Should you become disabled, your long term disability policy will generally pay you somewhere between fifty and sixty percent of the salary you received while you were working. All plans vary, so it is important to review and understand the terms of your policy and the benefits you will receive should you become disabled.

It is possible that should you become disabled, you will receive both long term disability and Social Security Disability insurance. In fact, often times if you carry private long term disability insurance, your provider will require you to seek Social Security Disability benefits. If you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, your long term disability plan will pay you the difference between your Social Security Disability payment and the total amount allowed in your policy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to get the disability benefits you need and deserve.