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Liza Minnelli $100M Sexual Harassment Suit Settled with Ex-Driver

December 10, 2009

As employment and labor lawyers in Anaheim, California, we have been following the announcement this week of singer and Oscar winner Liza Minnelli's $100 million sexual harassment lawsuit settlement--between Minnelli and her ex-driver and bodyguard for ten years, M'Hammed Soumayah. Soumayah filed charges against the famous Minnelli in 2004, for allegedly beating him during drunken rages, forcing him to engage in sexual activity, and for spitting on him after he refused her advances.

Soumayah claimed in the suit that Minnelli repeatedly sexually harassed and assaulted him, attempted to have sex with him, and threatened to fire him if he did not succumb to her sexual advances. According to the lawsuit, after fearing the loss of his $283,000 year job, Soumayah agreed to engage in sexual intercourse with the singer.

Minnelli filed a $250,000 countersuit against Soumayah, accusing him of violating an agreement of confidentiality. This long-time legal battle came to a close last month after Minnelli was deposed, and questioned about the charges. Both sides struck a settlement out of court shortly after.

Minnelli is no stranger to lawsuits, as she was previously sued for $10 million by her ex-husband David Gest--who also complained of drunken battery by Minnelli. Gest publicly spoke of Minnelli's alleged super-human strength under the influence of alcohol.

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