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Limited Partnerships

Establishing a limited partnership in California can provide some of the advantages of a partnership -- including pass-through taxation and ease of operation - while addressing some of the liability issues that are a key disadvantage of many partnerships.

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Unless otherwise addressed, laws governing business partnerships in California provide for joint authority and joint liability. This means the partnership is seen as an individual entity and any member of the partnership may incur debt or take legal action on behalf of every member of the partnership. Additionally, each member can be held responsible, legally and financially, for all partnership obligations, including legal actions and lawsuits.

A California Limited Partnership is typically formed by establishing a general partner, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business, and a number of limited partners. Under this structure, limited partners can lose their contributions but their liability does not extend beyond their business contributions, which leaves their personal assets protected from business liability.

When properly established, a limited partnership has many advantages. A qualified Los Angeles attorney, experienced in establishing California Limited Partnerships, should be consulted to avoid common pitfalls. For instance, the shield against liability enjoyed by limited partners is only in effect if they remain passive and are not involved in daily business decisions. Additionally, the proper establishment of a general partner is also critical as the general partner does not enjoy the protection against liability; he or she actually assumes the liability for the entire partnership.

Under California law, the general partner does not have to be a person. One of the ways to address the liability faced by a general partner is to make the general partner another business entity, such as a corporation, which enjoys its own protection from liability.

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