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Limited Liability Partnerships

Establishing a California LLP


  • Limits Liability
  • Tax Advantages/Pass-Through Treatment
  • Ease of Operation


  • Sale & Merger Disadvantages
  • Ownership Restrictions
  • Unfavorable to some creditors
  • Limited to certain professionals

A California Limited Liability Partnership offers many of the advantages of a partnership or a limited partnership, without the need to establish a general partner or corporation to be responsible for partnership liabilities.

The Los Angeles business law firm of Howard Law can discuss your options for business structure and operation and assist you in establishing the business entity that is right for you.

When properly established, a Limited Liability Partnership limits the liability of all partners to their investment in the business entity, while protecting personal assets from lawsuits or other claims arising from the operation of the business. A key disadvantage is that lenders and other creditors may not agree to enter into loans, leases or other obligations with a Limited Liability Partnership.

Limited Liability Partnerships have become popular with many professionals in California, where rules of their profession bar them from using corporate entities to protect them from liability. By establishing an LLP, partners can protect against liability incurred as the result of another partner's actions. As a result, California Limited Liability Partnerships have become a popular business structure with lawyers, architects and accounting firms.

Under the structure, the person responsible may still be held accountable for losses or negligence. However, other partners in the firm will not be held responsible.

Forming a Limited Liability Partnership is best left to a qualified and experienced law firm. The Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Howard Law work on behalf of clients seeking to establish an LLP or to resolve or litigate disputes arising from a Limited Liability Partnership in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, including Anaheim, Santa Ana and Riverside.

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