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Lady Gaga Slapped with Breach of Contract Lawsuit and Fights Back

March 25, 2010

In recent national news that our Southern California Employment Attorneys have been following, Lady Gaga, the hugely popular pop star, is being sued by her former business partner and ex-boyfriend, the songwriter and music producer Rob Fusari, for breach of contract and failure to pay royalties that he is allegedly owed.

Lady Gaga, also known as Stefani Germanotta, met Fusari in March 2006. Fusari claims in his lawsuit that he discovered Germanotta while looking for a strong female pop singer, and then proceeded to co-wrote songs with her, create her new look and help her get a record deal at Interscope--reshaping her career and even giving her the name Lady Gaga.

In the over $30 million lawsuit, Fusari claims that the Grammy award winning Gaga forced him out of her career while continuing her meteoric rise to record breaking success. The lawsuit claims that Fusari is owed royalties for creating the Lady Gaga moniker, and for co-writing songs on the popular album "The Fame." Fusari also accuses Gaga of breaching the contract that they agreed upon in 2006.

Lady Gaga responded to Fusari, by filing a countersuit, claiming that the 2006 contract she signed was illegal because it was created in manner that concealed its real purpose, which as her lawyer reportedly said, provided the defendants compensation that was unlawful for services rendered as employment agents who were unlicensed. She claims the contract was financially abusive and that Fusari took advantage of her inexperience of a fledgling pop star.

In the state of California, a breach of contract can occur when an employers or employees fail to fulfill their obligations under the terms of the contract that they have agreed upon in either a written, oral, or implied form. A breach of contract can happen if an employee or employer does not perform the duties that have been promised upon under the original terms of the contract, makes the contract duties impossible to perform, or makes it clear that they will no longer perform under the obligations of the contract.

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