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Labor Unions Back Employment Misclassification and Payroll Fraud Legislation

May 5, 2011

According to recent employment news, labor unions and the construction industry in Connecticut are coming together to support Senator Dick Blumenthal's (D-CT) part in co-sponsoring the new Payroll Fraud Prevention Act that aims to put a stop to employment misclassification.

As our Riverside, California employment attorneys have previously discussed, employment misclassification is a nationwide problem, where employers often misclassify workers as independent contractors, or "exempt" from overtime laws, when they are actually employees.

Many employers use employee misclassification to avoid paying minimum wage, overtime, or social security and Medicare taxes, and unemployment compensation, among other employee benefits. In other cases employers misclassify employees to have an unfair advantage by underbidding their competitors to take away their jobs.

The topic of employee misclassification came up last year during the Connecticut senate campaign with candidate Linda McMahon, the former CEO of her family's wrestling company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). McMahon and WWE were investigated for engaging in employee misclassification--by classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees both in the ring with star wrestlers, and behind the scenes.

In the debate, that our attorneys discussed in a Chino Hills, California employment lawyer blog, McMahon argued that the WWE star wrestlers are independent contractors and not employees. But the question remained whether the other reported 350 independent contractors who work for the WWE in many capacities behind the scenes, were actually employees, and therefore entitled to wage and hour benefits under the FLSA.

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