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L-1B Intracompany Specialized Knowledge Transferee

What is the L–1B Visa?

The L–1B Visa category is reserved for foreign nationals with "special knowledge" of a business or other entity. To be eligible, you must be transferring to the U.S. to work for an employer for whom you have worked abroad at least one continuous year out of the last three years in your specialized knowledge capacity.

Who might qualify as "specialized knowledge" workers?

An Applicant needs to have key understanding and knowledge of management, techniques, systems, and services. If the knowledge is widely known; or if a worker in the United States can easily supply it; then you likely will not qualify for the L–1B classification.

This knowledge must also be proprietary. In other words, it has to deal with something about the petitioner's company or business specifically and exclusively.

Length of petitions and renewals

Initially, the petitioner will be approved for up to three years in the United States. You may renew the Visa one time for up to an additional two years. Five years is the maximum allowable stay.

Questions and issues concerning your L–1B Visa application?

The ambiguity of the definition of "specialized knowledge" can be confusing to some applicants. Moreover, the application process itself – with its many deadlines and significant paperwork – can truly be overwhelming. You need not deal with these complexities on your own. The law firm of Howard Law is ready and able to help you. Connect with us toll–free at 1 (800) 872–5925 for a free consultation about your L–1B Visa matters. Or browse our website,, to learn more about our credentials and about other kinds of immigration visas.