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L-1A Intracompany Managerial / Executive Transferee

What are L–1A Immigrant Visas?

The L–1A Visa is reserved for managers and executives of Non–U.S. corporations and businesses who want to come to the United States to work. The applicant must be coming to serve in an executive or managerial capacity in the U.S. or to open a new affiliated branch in the U.S.

L–1A applicants must meet three key criteria
  • The applicant must have worked abroad for his or her company for a full year (out of the last three years) prior to filing an application with USCIS.
  • The applicant must apply to work in the U.S. as a "Manager" or "Executive."
  • The foreign company and petitioning U.S. company must be affiliated with one another, and this affiliation must be demonstrated.
Who might qualify as a "Manager" under the L–1A category?

A Manager must perform supervisory functions within a division or department of an organization. The Manager should have the ability to make hiring and firing decisions and/or to execute at the senior level. He or she must also be in charge of an "essential function" for the company and control day–to–day aspects of critical company functions.

Who might be considered an "Executive" under the L–1A category?

An Executive has the ability to create broad policies and goals for his or her organization. He or she runs a significant function or component of his or her entity or business. He or she may serve under other high–ranking executives or a Board of Directors, but generally must be relatively high on the corporate food chain to qualify for this category.

Period of time over which the L–1A Visa will be valid

If an Applicant is overseeing a U.S. office opening, he or she will get a one–year admission to the country.

If the Applicant is coming to the U.S. to work and establish a business or company, he or she may be initially admitted to the U.S. for up to three years.

It is possible to extend an L–1A Visa for seven years total.

Help with your L–1A Visa Application

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