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KCBS Sued by LA Weatherman for Gender Discrimination

March 19, 2012

Howard Law's labor and employment attorney Vincent Howard has been following a recent Los Angeles, California gender discrimination lawsuit, filed against two CBS stations, after a weatherman claimed he was denied employment opportunities because he wasn't a beautiful, young woman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kyle Hunter, a meteorologist for 23-years who has been employed in many markets throughout Southern California, recently filed a lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting and two Los Angeles stations, KCAL and KCBS--alleging that within the past few years the stations made gender based hiring decisions--opting to hire young and attractive female meteorologists to work in prime time positions instead of men, in order to entice more male viewers during the primetime newscasts.

Hunter, who is represented by Gloria Allred in this Los Angeles sex discrimination lawsuit, claims that as a male meteorologist who is over the age of 40 with excellent credentials, he experienced gender discrimination when applying for open positions within both stations.

As Vincent Howard often reports in Howard Law's Anaheim employment attorneys blog, under federal law it unlawful to engage in gender discrimination in any aspect of employment, including hiring, employment compensation, assignments, job promotions, layoffs, job termination, training, fringe benefits, and other terms or conditions of employment.

Hunter claims that in 2010, he learned that the long-term weatherman for KCBS would not have his contract at the station renewed. Hunter reportedly informed the KCBS that he would like to be considered for the weatherman position. According to his gender discrimination complaint, the station opted to hire a younger female to replace the meteorologist--a woman who was allegedly far less qualified and experienced than Hunter.

The lawsuit claims that the female who replaced the KCBS weatherman was brought from the KCAL station, so Hunter then assumed that there would be an open employment position for a meteorologist there. But Hunter claims in the employment lawsuit that he was again turned down for employment, losing the job to another unqualified woman who did not even have certification from the American Meteorological Society--a certification that Hunter does have. According to Hunter, the key factors that steered the KCAL job hiring decision were based gender and age.

Hunter claims that when he asked the KCAL station manager why we was not considered for the weatherman position, he was informed that because the station broadcasts sports programs that are aimed to target male viewers, Hunter did not qualify as kind of weatherperson that the men would want to watch, because he is a man.

CBS reportedly responded to this Los Angeles gender discrimination lawsuit stating that it is a frivolous complaint based on gross factual misstatements and there was no need for them to interview a person for the job that they were already aware of.

If you have suffered discrimination based on gender in Los Angeles or Orange County, California, contact Howard Law, PC today, for a free consultation with Vincent Howard and our labor and employment legal team, to discuss your hiring and employment rights.

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