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K-9 Officers Win Overtime Payment in Wage and Hour Settlement

July 5, 2010

In a recent wage and hour lawsuit settlement that our Orange County, California Employment Attorneys have been reading about, Houston Police canine officers will reportedly receive 1.5 hours of overtime payment weekly for the care of their city-owned police dogs over holidays and weekends.

The lawsuit was reportedly brought by fifty canine officers and the Houston Police Officer's Union last year, to fight for proper canine officer overtime compensation--for the time it takes them to care for their dogs when they are off duty. The dispute over wage and hour payments for canine officer who perform weekend duties reportedly follows a settlement from 1995 that paid some officers a flat fee payment for extra off duty canine responsibilities, but didn't accurately reflect inflation.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the new settlement continues the $150 per month payment for canine officers, gives the officers an hour per each work shift to properly care for their dogs, and waives the payment of $160 that officers paid the city previously to take their patrol units home.

The wage and hour lawsuit settlement will reportedly cost the city $270,000 per year for canine officer overtime costs, and it includes an award of over 100 hours of compensatory time to around 33 officers who were not part of the original lawsuit that was filed.

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