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Justin Bieber Sued by Former Bodyguard for Assault, Overtime Payment Violations

January 30, 2013

The popstar Justin Bieber was sued earlier this month, according to news reports that Howard Law's managing attorney Vincent Howard has been watching. The lawsuit, filed by Bieber's former bodyguard, claims that Bieber engaged in assault and battery, as well as wage and hour violations during his time as an employee.

The former bodyguard, Moshe Benabou, states in his lawsuit that he worked for Bieber from March 2011 until October 2012. Benabou claims that his employment came to an end after the singer accused Benabou of trying to keep someone from his "entourage" apart from him. Bieber allegedly assaulted Benabou by punching him in the chest repeatedly and then fired the bodyguard after he walked away from the abuse.

Benabou is also suing Bieber and BT Touring, the company that hired him to be Bieber's bodyguard--for failing to pay him proper overtime compensation. Benabou claims that when he was hired he was told he would be a salaried employee and not entitled to overtime payment, but that he was misclassified--and under California law, he should have been paid for overtime compensation, as he often worked 14 to 18 hour days, seven days per week. Benabou is also suing for alleged failure to pay proper vacation wages, failure to pay expenses that he incurred while performing his job duties, and failure to pay wages due immediately upon job termination.

The lawsuit reportedly cites the California Labor Code, stating that under California law, employers must pay an employee's wages for a time period of up to thirty days until all of the back wages are fully paid off. Benabou claims that he is owed over $420,000 in overtime and back wages, and also seeks court costs, attorneys' fees, and other unspecified damages and prejudgment interest.

As Vincent Howard regularly reports, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), nonexempt employees must be compensated with a minimum wage payment of $7.25, plus overtime compensation of one and one-half their regular rates of payment for any hours worked beyond forty in a week of work, plus bonuses, job commissions and incentive payment.

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