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Hyatt Sued in California Class-action Wage and Hour Lawsuit

March 24, 2011

In a recent news development that our Westminster, California employment lawyers have been watching, a California class-action wage and hour claim filed against two Hyatt Vacation companies has been denied transfer from California--after the company moved to transfer the case to Florida, where their headquarters are located.

The wage and hour lawsuit was filed by Jeanne Shultz, a former Carmel, California sales executive who sued Hyatt for failing to pay Shultz and her colleagues overtime and minimum wage in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the California Labor Code.

Shultz claims that while working for the company for five years, from 2005 until 2010, there were instances where she received no compensation, because as a sales executive, she and other Hyatt sales executives were designated to receive commissions only. Shultz claims that although Hyatt would sometimes pay them a recoverable draw, she still received even less than the minimum wage, as the recoverable draw was reportedly deducted from Shultz's future commissions.

Hyatt is also being accused of failing to provide proper meal and rest breaks to the employees, as well as failing to provide accurate pay records and wage statements. Shultz's lawsuit proposes two classes: a nationwide class, as well as a California class.

The California U.S. District Judge reportedly claimed that Shultz's proposed class-action lawsuit should be addressed in the California court and not in Florida, as moving the lawsuit was not in the interests of either justice or convenience.

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