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Hotel Workers File Lawsuit Against Hotel Staffing Company for Wage and Hour Violations

January 30, 2012

Vincent Howard frequently discusses the topic of wage and hour violations in the hospitality industry in our Riverside employment lawyers blog--a workplace epidemic where employers in low wage industries, such as the hospitality industry, often violate the rights of vulnerable employees.

In recent news that Mr. Howard has been following, a group of fourteen Indianapolis hotel workers have filed a class action wage and hour lawsuit against ten hotel staffing agencies--claiming that they were purposely robbed of their right to fair compensation.

The workers are reportedly primarily Hispanic immigrants, who were employed by Hospitality Staffing Solutions (HSS), a work agency providing temporary and low-wage workers to hotels like Marriott, Western, Embassy Suites, and other hotels across the country. Many of the workers were employed as housekeepers, bussers, and dishwashers, and claim in the lawsuit that they were forced to work off the clock hours, and forced to work through their unpaid rest and meal breaks--which often times pushed their earnings to well below the federal minimum wage, $7.25.

The outsourcing of work by the staffing companies has reportedly led to a two-tier class system within the hotels, as low-wage and lesser paid workers from HSS suffer, while working next to direct hotel hires, who are better compensated for the same work. Many HSS employees claim that compensation did not properly reflect the hours that they actually worked--and if they did not complete their work in the scheduled time, they would be threatened with job termination.

One of the workers in the wage and hour lawsuit claims that she earned minimum wage working for Indianapolis hotels, but was required to start work two hours early in order complete her required number of rooms for the day--without receiving any overtime payment for the extra work time. Another worker claimed she was often forced to come early, to work through her meal breaks, or to clock out at the right time even if her work wasn't finished--to avoid being punished for not completing her workload within an eight-hour period. Another worker claimed that he worked for minimum wage as a dishwasher, regularly working 40-hour weeks, but was only paid for 35 hours.

Many workers claim that their workload has increased in recent years, while their wages have either remained the same or gone down--because a hotel can save money by switching to an outsourcing company, as it no longer has to provide costly worker benefits like health insurance. According to hotel workers union, UNITE HERE, outsourcing might lower cost for the hotels, but could cost the city and state, that ends up providing tax-payer health care that many workers from the agency end up using for their families.

The workers also claim that the HSS outsourcing company is based on the principle that they improve service while cutting costs, by providing low-wage workers for the hospitality industry. The company has been sued before, and has also been recently criticized for running an hotel trade publication advertisement with the image of tiny workers stacked inside a vending machine--as being readily available for cheap purchase.

In correlation with filing the lawsuit, the employees also staged a protest outside HSS's offices earlier this month. The class action wage and hour lawsuit could involve over one thousand workers, and is reported to have the potential for around ten million dollars in monetary claims and back pay.

The hotels named in the lawsuit include Holiday Inn, Marriott, the Canterbury Hotel, the Conrad, Embassy Suites, Hyatt, Omni and the Westin Hotel.

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